Brad_Meet_the_toonBrad the Otter is the funny, playful ‘toon that everyone likes to party with. Brad is well-connected with the paranormal world, on a first name basis with ghosts, sasquatch, (possibly aliens) and knows where the super-secret Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl1 is located.

Our more astute readers might look at the accessories Brad carries and start connecting some metaphysical dots. What is the mysterious cane-like thing he holds? Is it merely for whacking CHORFs, or does it have a different purpose? What is the weird object he holds in his left paw?

These questions are bound to get you a visit from your favorite three-letter government agency, or perhaps a few back story strips down the road. Foreshadowing: your guarantee of quality comic literature!

Brad is inspired by the other Mr. Sad Puppy, Brad Torgersen. Brad demonstrates real courage not only in standing up for what he believes in, but for literally putting his life on the line. Brad is scheduled to be deployed to the Middle East, and our prayers go with him.

If you like your military science fiction with Big Ideas, check out the books Brad writes. You can find him at his blog, where his regulars are always helpful and will be glad to talk to you about which of his book’s you should become hooked on first. (Hint: The Chaplain’s War is a great choice.)

1. More importantly, he knows what the pyramid references.