codex_pencilCodex is the cute little mushroom with the glasses who illustrates Tempest in a Teardrop.

In hindsight, I’m glad we went with the “talking mushroom” idea and not the “Dixie-accented cute confederate flag” design.

Really dodged a bullet there.

I sat her down and asked her some questions that our 1.5 loyal readers have demanded to know. Hypothetically.

Why do you wear glasses? Corrective vision.

How did you learn to draw? Telekinetically.

What is your favorite word? “Inappropriate:” I use that one a lot when Q presents the initial ideas for a comic script.

Your favorite color? French grey 50%. It’s so flattering.

Do you have a backstory? Yes. It is all written up and plotted out although I don’t think it has been made script-ready. Yes, we hope to present it someday but probably not before Sasquan, sorry!

Of the comics you’ve done so far, which is your favorite? Where Did He Get The List. It was a rush-job to take advantage of recent developments in the Hugo Tempest. I just loved doing the pyramid, and can even spell it without looking it up now. This is something Q can’t do, or he’d have mentioned it here. A close second is Silence Will Fall.

Your Favorite Book? Q thinks I can’t answer this, but it’s The Chronicles of Narnia. Or The Lord of the Rings. Or Last Guardians of Everness. Or, maybe….  Drat.

What did you think of Interstellar? An absolute brilliant example of cinematography. I shall surely vote it as my top choice for the Hugo.

So there you have it, good readers. She only got one question wrong, which isn’t bad for a mushroom!