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Blast_From_the_Past_GMICH_Casablanca_MansplainedWe came up with our “Great Moments in Cinema History” as a repeatable way to contrast the ridiculousness of political correctness with situations in the past. The requirements are pretty clear: the movie scene has to be well-known and the lines have to be succinct enough to substitute SJW claptrap to make a point. Feel free to toss ideas into the comments, we’ll give credit if we use them!

We’ve also toyed with “Great Moments on Television” and “Great Moments from Literature,” although we haven’t run with any strips yet. Frankly, there are so many great movie scenes we can ruin for you, we haven’t felt the need to go further. Maybe in a few years!

Tempest in a Teardrop is currently on hiatus and will resume our normal M-W-F publishing schedule starting April 11!