Friday was not our best day ever.

Friday began on Thursday night. Pain was had. Nurses were called. Doctor appointments were made. Emergency rooms were visited. Tests were administered.

Many tests. Much hurry-up-and-waiting was experienced. More pain was had. Apparently ‘chewing your own arm off’ is not what the number-10 frowny-face guy means. We know that now. Drugs were finally administered, once the proper pain level had been established.

Emergency surgeries were scheduled. Organs were removed.

Much to our surprise, no overnight hospital stays were required, which caused a Final Crisis Situation because we went home so late that pain medication was difficult to obtain. Some kind of virus, apparently, has closed most pharmacies early. We found one open until 10pm and snuck in 20 minutes beforehand.

Good thing, too, as the pain lasted well into the next day. Organ removal causes that, I’m told. They didn’t even replace the organ with a cool cybernetic one. This timeline sucks.

That, by the way, is why you are reading this right now instead of finding out what a Shadow Saint is.


Everyone is fine though, aside from many additional gray hairs. We’ll be back Friday.