You’ve heard of a tempest in a teapot, certainly? This is a still smaller storm. And yet it’s interesting how even when the stakes seem so puny, the sturm und drang can be so enormous, isn’t it? Hence, this comic.

Tempest in a Teardrop updates weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All artwork, posts, and characters are copyrighted by the creators of the comic strip and are available to repost or use with permission.

The Creators

Codex and Q are the code names of the illustrator and writer (respectively) of Tempest in a Teardrop. They also appear as characters in the comic.


These are the funny pages, not a dialectic. Nor is this a men’s urinal. So if you understand that the authors are unlikely to engage in extended internet arguments, and if you can stay civil; you’re welcome to praise, criticize or comment to your heart’s content.  Keep it decent or it may be deleted.  Keep the potty-talk flowing and you might get banned.

Yes, we understand: you need to lay into Codex & Q with both barrels, but are stymied by the limitations of public decency. Here’s an insult generator for all your invective needs: have fun! And you’re welcome.

Please don’t feed the trolls

Mind the gap.

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