Brad the Otter: Speak softly and carry a big (clue) stick. (Lutrinae just wanna have fun!)

Bunnyboy Scalzi: A cranky, aging side-kick convinced he’s a superhero. Read more about him in this post.

CHORF(s): Cliquish, Holier-than-thou Obnoxious Reactionary Fanatics. Yes, the skiffy world has them too, not just the dinosaur media. While they rarely wear Illuminati suits in real life, they’re not hard to spot.

Codex the Fungal: Bored senseless by drawing anything she doesn’t like (which includes machines, buildings, most people…) so any normal comics-career is Right Out. Her backstory still unknown, she remains a Agaricomycetes of Mystery.

The Germ: Everything that ever drove you nuts in an old white dude clinging desperately to his CHORF-conferred privilege.

Kate: Soi-disant “The Impaler.” Probably not a mermaid…

Larry the Bear: Gun-totin’ interwebs author o’awesomeness. Any passing resemblance to “Totoro” is purely intentional. Read more about Larry in “Meet the ‘Toon: Larry the Bear. Thing.

Q the Spoon Spork: He’s a semi-metallic, fork-like utensil of action! “Behind the Frame” Q and A with him here.

Sarah the Mouse: Beautiful-but-evil indy author: Beware her sarcastic gifs and ballistic carp. Read more about Sarah in this “Meet the ‘Toon” post.

Terri the Tater: She knows what’s best for you, you racist, sexist, misogynist pig.

Wright the Raven: Multiple Hugo Award nominee and actually nothing like a writing desk; read more about “him” here.

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