The Churchians – Christmas 2020

After a difficult 2020, we decided to take the last six weeks off and run holiday comics. We wanted to recreate the feel of Peanuts, Wizard of Id, B.C., and Calvin & Hobbes, when they ran Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years comics.


Happy Thanksgiving, 2020

We’re soooo sorry for the loss of your beloved pet turkeys; bring stuffing to the wake!

Christmas Kuru

Kuru either loves it or hates it; hard to tell with all that fur.

Doggo Pranks


Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!

Snow Onions

Winter Onions and Snow Onions are entirely different.


The creepy-talking-holiday-snowman tm is in on it too!

Holiday Homework

Remembering when ‘Highlights’ used to be fun…

EF: Holiday Homework

To Serve Veg

To serve Vegkind.

Christmas Eve

Or should that be ‘Snowbeings’?

Culinary Compost

Their names are Pot and Knob. Guess which is which in the comments!


You could use a cow-shaped cookie cutter if you are going for the ‘meta’.

Merry Christmas 2020

We cheated. This card is from several years ago.

Boxing Day 2020

Suggestions in the comments are welcome!

Happy New Year 2021

Only 1 day old and already talking!