Welcome to the Tempest in a Teardrop archive. Extensive search options are available on the right, if you are looking for something specific.

We’ve arranged our comics by season and episode and give our story arcs descriptive names. Our early work was… early. We learned by doing. It shows!

That’s why we’ve flagged a recommended place for new readers to begin. The artwork gets better, the format gets better, and the storyline becomes less Hugo Award-centric and more Culture War-centric.

Season 1.01: Early Daze
Season 1.02: Sasquan Applications
Season 1.03: The Studio Awakens
Season 1.04: Improvement!
Season 1.05: Summon GamerGate
Season 1.06: Kate, Who May or May Not Impale
Season 1.07: Sasquan
Season 1.08: The Dewberry Award  <— New? We recommend you start here
Season 1.09: Unleash the Torlings
Season 1.10: End of the Hugos

Season 2.01: Interns
Season 2.02: Demesne of Vox Day
Season 2.03: Potato Cannibals
Season 2.04: Holiday Hi-jinks
Season 2.05: CSI:Dewberry Woods
Season 2.06: Hugo
Season 2.07: TerriMom
Season 2.08: April Fools
Season 2.09: Terri’s Dream
Season 2.10: The Otherwhen Dimensions
Season 2.11: Meet the Presstitutes
Season 2.12: Weekend with Scalzi
Season 2.13: Territot
Season 2.14: The Finality – Prelude
Season 2.15: The Finality – Destruction
Season 2.16: The Finality – Escape
Season 2.17: The Finality – Sacrifice
Season 2.18: Tempest in a Teardrop – The Epilogue

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