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Our current comic is Tempest in a Teardrop: The Churchians. It’s a standalone world with it’s own storyline but readers of the original Tempest in a Teardrop will recognize some familiar faces, settings, and themes.

Story arcs are arranged by Season and episode and given descriptive names. Click through and enjoy. Thanks for reading!

Tempest in a Teardrop: The Churchians

Season 1 – Arrival
Season 1.01: Narrativists!
Season 1.02: Kit
Season 1.03: The Wardrobe Returns
Season 1.04: Arrival
Season 1.05: The Survivor
Season 1.06: Tunnels
Season 1.07: Hiding in Plain Sight
Season 1.08: The Inquisition
Season 1.09: The Moose

Season 2 – Shadow Saints
Season 2.01: The Next Day
Season 2.02: Pit’s Shack
Season 2.03: The Supplicant
Season 2.04: Morning
Season 2.05: Helpings
Season 2.06: The Cauldron Door
Season 2.07: Broken Hope
Season 2.08: Crookthorn Forest
Season 2.09: The Witching Hour
Season 2.10: Old Hick
Season 2.11: Hidden Cache
Season 2.12: Prepping
Season 2.13: Four Stories
Season 2.14: Panic Bells
Season 2.15: Dart’s Dance
Season 2.16: The Final Challenge

Season 3 – Night Veg – Starts May 28!

The Churchians – Christmas 2020
The Churchians – Holidays 2021

Tempest in a Teardrop

This is our original comic strip. Our early work was… early. We learned by doing. It shows! That’s why we’ve flagged a recommended place for new readers to begin. The artwork gets better, the format gets better, and the storyline becomes less Hugo Award-centric and more Culture War-centric.

Season 1.01: Early Daze
Season 1.02: Sasquan Applications
Season 1.03: The Studio Awakens
Season 1.04: Improvement!
Season 1.05: Summon GamerGate
Season 1.06: Kate, Who May or May Not Impale
Season 1.07: Sasquan
Season 1.08: The Dewberry Award  <— New? We recommend you start here
Season 1.09: Unleash the Torlings
Season 1.10: End of the Hugos

Season 2.01: Interns
Season 2.02: Demesne of Vox Day
Season 2.03: Potato Cannibals
Season 2.04: Holiday Hi-jinks
Season 2.05: CSI:Dewberry Woods
Season 2.06: Hugo
Season 2.07: TerriMom
Season 2.08: April Fools
Season 2.09: Terri’s Dream
Season 2.10: The Otherwhen Dimensions
Season 2.11: Meet the Presstitutes
Season 2.12: Weekend with Scalzi
Season 2.13: Territot
Season 2.14: The Finality – Prelude
Season 2.15: The Finality – Destruction
Season 2.16: The Finality – Escape
Season 2.17: The Finality – Sacrifice
Season 2.18: Tempest in a Teardrop – The Epilogue