Read, Watch, Play

Sometimes with comics!
Saturday sketches and other bonus art links at the bottom.

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin (Books 1 – 3) / Jagi Lamplighter
Somewither / John C. Wright, Esq.
Son of the Black Sword / Larry Correia
Rust: A Visitor in the Field / Royden Lepp
Quarter Share / Nathan Lowell
Nancy Drew #18: Pit of Vipers
How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big / Scott Adams

Sharknado IV
Pride & Prejudice and Zombies
Bones: The Murder of the Meninist
Sharknado III

Stardew Valley: Game Basics
No Man’s Sky
Tropico 5 (with guest reviewer “Hillary”)
Youtuber’s Life
The Talos Principle
Grim Dawn
Crusader Kings II

Bonus Art
Monster Art Battle #2: Gangster, kitten, squid
Monster Art Battle #1: Spikes, giant ears, flobber in there, tentacles
Kate the Impaler Unicorn & her veggie friends.
Q  & Glyph make a “sick day” comic for Codex (yes, that’s really Q’s drawing!
The Glyph Projection
Cyborg Chupacabra
Character doodles
Senstive (Area) Signage
The Lion & the Lamb (Christmas blessing 2016)
Gardening with shotguns
Tuesday avatar (but it’s really Monday from the lunchbox comix)
Panda Thor
Thingy tween-ager birthday card
Petriarchy meme
Gurgi (Chronicles of Prydain)
Matthew (Codex’s portrait) with signature wild-blackberry bone-whip
The Lesser Spotted Bahfeemus
Don’t want feminism meme (codex sketch)
Facebook eats your content meme
Amanda (character design sketch)
Death Metal Bronies (character design sketches)
Abyssal Horrors dig Time-Lords (character design sketch)
Sick leave (SJW-flavored Yoghurt)
2016 “Great Gifts” Christmas card
Correia-squatch Atlas-es Wendel