Read, Watch, Play

Sometimes with comics!
Saturday sketches and other bonus art links at the bottom.

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin (Books 1 – 3) / Jagi Lamplighter
Somewither / John C. Wright, Esq.
Son of the Black Sword / Larry Correia
Rust: A Visitor in the Field / Royden Lepp
Quarter Share / Nathan Lowell
Nancy Drew #18: Pit of Vipers
How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big / Scott Adams

Sharknado IV
Pride & Prejudice and Zombies
Bones: The Murder of the Meninist
Sharknado III

Stardew Valley: Game Basics
No Man’s Sky
Tropico 5 (with guest reviewer “Hillary”)
Youtuber’s Life
The Talos Principle
Grim Dawn
Crusader Kings II

Bonus Art
Monsters (Progressivism 101: Words are violence, violence is “free speech,” and you never have to apologise for genocide.)
Pets Should Have Fur. (…that thing you’ve got growing at the back of the refrigerator…)
Dragon pencil sketch
Monster Art Battle #2: Gangster, kitten, squid
Monster Art Battle #1: Spikes, giant ears, flobber in there, tentacles
Kate the Impaler Unicorn & her veggie friends.
Q  & Glyph make a “sick day” comic for Codex (yes, that’s really Q’s drawing!
The Glyph Projection
Cyborg Chupacabra
Character doodles
Senstive (Area) Signage
The Lion & the Lamb (Christmas blessing 2016)
Gardening with shotguns
Tuesday avatar (but it’s really Monday from the lunchbox comix)
Panda Thor
Thingy tween-ager birthday card
Petriarchy meme
Gurgi (Chronicles of Prydain)
Matthew (Codex’s portrait) with signature wild-blackberry bone-whip
The Lesser Spotted Bahfeemus
Don’t want feminism meme (codex sketch)
Facebook eats your content meme
Amanda (character design sketch)
Death Metal Bronies (character design sketches)
Abyssal Horrors dig Time-Lords (character design sketch)
Sick leave (SJW-flavored Yoghurt)
2016 “Great Gifts” Christmas card
Correia-squatch Atlas-es Wendel