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Story – a very rough overview
Imagine the muppet show collided with the culture war and crashed on the island from Lost. On one side, we have our cultural libertarians (led by Q the Spork, who herds everyone in our little world so he can produce comic strips). Opposed to them are the CHORFs: Cliquish, Holier-than-thou Obnoxious Reactionary Fanatics. aka Social Justice Warriors. aka SJWs. Then there are the Ilk, led by the Dark & Evil Lord Vox, who seem to be on a side all their own…

The Old Character Page is still floating around. A new one is under construction. There is nothing wrong with the old one, per se, but it isn’t super-cool or up to date.

The Dewberry Woods
The Dewberry Woods is the location where our stories take place. It is more than mere woodland. Clues to its exact placement on Earth are available in the comics. Primary locations in the woods include the TiaT Studios building, the CHORF Mountain HQ, the Demesne of the Dark & Evil Lord Vox, Hugo’s Clearing, and Wright Laboratories and Botanical Gardens.

Tempest in a Teardrop is written by Quizzer (aka Q the Spork) and illustrated by Codex (aka Codex the Mushroom). The husband-and-wife team have a daughter named Glyph, and too many dogs to count.

Our comment section is an extension of the humor. Feel free to heap praise or scorn upon us, but please try to keep the language at a PG-13 level. Quizzer has vowed to interact with the first 50 commenters per day. Sometimes, he’ll even answer questions seriously.

Want to read the comics from the very beginning? Perhaps you’d like to search for your favorite character, or discover whether we’ve ever used the word hyperspanification in a post, or want to see a particular story arc, or just want to read all our Life as a Leftie content. Our archives are open and free to the viewing public.

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