Sick Day, part forever


Codex here. Seriously folks, I’m not making excuses to curl up with a nice cuppa and stack of even nicer indy fic. I’m still recovering from the ‘flu thing so I’m only really able to work for a little bit before I conk out, and Friday’s comic is a YUUUGE splash page. God willing, it will be up on Friday. Monday. Duh. If it were up on Friday it would be on time.

Hey, nearly two years of web-comic-ing and this is only our third day of late posting. Unless you count all the times I screw’d up the “schedule” function in WordPress, of course.


The Glyph Projection

glyph_design_smallerWhat would an unholy cross between a spork and a mushroom look like? Glyph hated all of our ideas. So she went and drew up her own (on the left). Huh. The cartooning class she’s taking must really be working because she didn’t learn that from us.

Codex cleaned it up. Project Schnapsidee quietly moves forward…