Moscow Rules #9, and then some.


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Our Monday started Friday. “Your power will be off for five hours” they told us. Starting at 9am and ending ’round about 3pm they said. We figured they’d start late and end on Saturday. Like they do. We were ready. We were prepped.

Computers were powered off the night before. Hatches were battened. Trips were planned to Costco during the Friday downtime. What else was Quizzer going to do? I went to work. At 9:30 the power went down, and came up at 12:30. What a blessing.

The fridge started running again. The coffee maker came alive (Praise Heaven). Glyph’s computer woke up. My computer restarted. Quizzer’s… Decided to take his threats to go Amish personally. We hope it is the power supply. We have a new one on order, but it won’t be here until Tuesday. No worries. We’d have family movie night and watch No Time for Sergeants together.

After all, my ancient, whirring beast is still up and running Manga Studio. I broke out the comic out Saturday morning and went to work. When I got home, I was going to draw, baby, draw. I had an entire massive rash to execute and all the red, pink and ochre pigments loaded to create it! Just scan in my sketches I’d drawn on the back of the printed script and… And.

Where is the complete script for comic #246? The paper copy with all my sketches on it…?


We definitely know it’s on Q’s machine. Which is dead as a door nail. Big. Dead. Nail.


We have an alternate script that Quizzer wrote Friday morning. Which he mostly remembers. (Mostly.) And I’ve got ALL Sunday to draw it. Which is good because we get a lot of praying in on Sundays.

God willing and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll run the alternate comic on Monday, a new power supply will arrive on Tuesday. That will turn out to be a solution to what’s wrong. Computer stuff will happen. Prohibition 5 will land on Thursday, and I will have “Walking Home Dead” loaded by 5am this Friday.

Of course, the Imp of the Perverse might decide to double down. Quizzer might get hit by a flaming tire from a crashed Pepsi-Cola truck*. Without a machine of his own, he… Hang on

Might. Die. Due to. Online addiction electrification

You’ll have to ask him about that.

On the bright side, once I get this sucker loaded we can go downstairs and watch Second Hand Lions.

(*Long story)





WordPress Wizards & SoundEagle

This is weird and I hate to ask, but a new reader who goes by ‘SoundEagle’ followed by several mystery letters has tried to comment and like a bunch of our posts. I know because they show up in the email attached to the site.

Unfortunately, none of their comments appear for moderation or in the posts. I’ve checked spam. I’ve checked trash. I’ve checked pending. I’ve reloaded. I’ve quit browsers and restarted. I even sacrificed an entire can of green beans by recycling it into the compost heap. Surely the WordPress Fairy would take note and give us a break, no?

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Hystory: Prohibition IV – Gangsters & Death

Welcome to part IV of Hysterical History, where we take a deep-dive into the shenanigans of Prohibition. Part I focused on how Carries changed the US. Part II discussed the law and the loopholes. Part III talked about enforcement issues. And it just continues to get more ridiculous: We really aren’t living in the first Clown World.

When the Justice System is indisposed or unavailable, DIY justice will be utilized.

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Hystory: Prohibition III – Back the Blue

Welcome to part III of Hysterical History, where we take a deep-dive into the shenanigans of Prohibition. Part I focused on how Carries changed the US. Part II discussed the law and the loopholes. It gets worse: We still aren’t living in the first Clown World.

The Portal to a Forbidden Realm began with a quiet ‘Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits’ knock

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