Home Improvement Dangers

Hello. You guessed it. Today’s comic will be out tomorrow.

It’s entirely my fault. I couldn’t get the script together until Wednesday. That gave Codex One Whole Day to draw it. My only defense is that I was engaged in Deadly Home Improvements.

We’re getting ready to sell. It doesn’t mean we’re taking short cuts. We’ve got tools. Lots and lots of tools. Mostly with sharp edges. Did I mention I’m on blood thinners? What could go wrong? Codex is safely out of the house!

This week’s project: the master bath. That isn’t politically correct and I’m very torn up about it. I’d be less torn up if the diamond glass polish paste had arrived from Lowe’s. Gonna have to track down when it was supposed to arrive. Ordered a bunch of stuff so it’s all a haze.

I didn’t take “before” pics. Dumb. I should have realized the comics would be spotty – I did warn everyone – so something would be needed to fill the gaps. Like caulk.

Here’s the “after”. Looks brand new. It took a couple of hours to figure out the painting techniques to “fill the chips” and “diminish the brush strokes”. It doesn’t have to look “factory fresh” and I don’t have an air paint setup. It’s good. About 150% better than the 20-year-old facade we’d been living with because “chipped paint == character”.

But, today…

Caulking sucks. Removing old caulk sucks more.

Of course, we took all necessary safety precautions. You can’t burn your hand off with a hair dryer if it’s safely masked. That’s $CIENCE.


Once we masked the hair-dryer it became completely useless. Which we should haveĀ  hypothesized. Those things stop air from going in and out. It’s why everyone has seemed so stupid for the last couple of years. We did NOT mask the heat gun. It is not only more effective at making caulk pliable, but is far, far more dangerous. What’s the point of home improvement if there isn’t a risk of bloodletting, plague, or third-degree burns?

Remember: bandaids are like little masks for your fingers.

The trick is to heat the caulk until it softens, and then pry it out with sharp chisels, terrorist blades, or Codex’s good paring knife. Don’t tell her I did that, okay? She’s already tetchy about the burns, the slicing, and some minor blood smears. Of course, it was all worth it when the shining empty spaces ready to be re-caulked were revealed.

Look at that clean, sharp edge! It’s like an archaeologist did it, but without unleashing curses or a hidden spider cache. Codex is thrilled, mostly because she gets to sleep tonight. Comic incoming tomorrow!


Wednesday Miscellaney: All Men Dream of Earthwomen


I read the novella, All Men Dream of Earthwomen, when it was first released as a freebie. Again, as part of a bookbinding project, and now a third time as it’s released as part of this book (Huzzah!).


It has not palled. If you like science fiction with real science in it, and the sensawunda dialed up to eleventy… AMDoEW is your book. The romantic story – romantic in the Prisoner of Zenda sense – of a clever heavy-worlder-Quasimodo and his weird alien love (alien, because human, like us), is full of swash and buckle and turns of wry humor. The ending is perfect.

$20 clamolas for a digital version, plus another quality trade paperback (I’m ordering that next) to be a reliable reread (when Amazon starts curating our digital libraries for us, which you just know it will) is worth it.

AND I’m getting several great shorts, like the eerie and beautiful “Last Report of Unit Twenty-Two” which makes me cry, or “Judgment Eve”, which is powerfully strange.

Such a good deal: highly recommended; including as a present for older teens, if you are that sort of Auntie.

Odd Monday

We have an extra frame today, a correction to Friday’s comic, and some announcements below.

Play ‘spot the difference’!

Service is going to be spotty over the next few weeks. We’ll try our best to hold to the Monday/Friday schedule. However, clown world events have overtaken us at last and we’re anticipating some job changes and house selling over the next three months. The house selling is a bit daunting because it’s amazing how much stuff one accumulates over 20 years.

That’s the bad. There is also some good; some really good. But we can’t announce anything yet. Delays, delays, delays. For valid reasons. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meanwhile, my health has greatly improved. I’ve lost pounds and inches (in girth, not height), and although my resting heart rate is still disturbingly high some tests tomorrow should clarify the issues. I’m sure they’ll want to add more stents, and I’m good with that. Cyborg arteries are going to be the new trend in fighting the coof. There’s two ways to get ’em: stents (the old-fashioned way) or via graphene coating (the clown world way).

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader how, precisely, they achieve the latter.

–> Q




Merry Christmas And…

Family stuff came up. Really, really important family stuff. Plus it’s snowing and we’re going to try to get to Portland from Seattle tomorrow.

I guarantee the comic will be later this week, probably Wednesday. It’s disappointing to me, but we’ve been absolutely *SLAMMED* the past couple of weeks; but Monday’s comic (now Wednesday) and the New Years comic (hopefully by Sunday) are two of my favorites.

Codex also gave me a fabulous comics-related Christmas present, but I can’t tell you about it yet. It involves yet more artist time, but it is a tremendous opportunity that we won’t pass by.

Just a heads up; hopefully we’ll get back on an even keel by the second week of January.

In the meantime: enjoy the heck out of the Christmas Season (it doesn’t end until January 6) and Christ’s Blessings to all of you!

–> Codex & Q