A Marmot and the Winners!

This is an accurate scale model drawing of a marmot. I don’t think it’s a Yellow-Bellied Marmot native to Yosemite. It is still terrifying. Interesting marmot facts:

  1. Marmots live all over the world, even Australia.
  2. Marmots eat root vegetables, and whatever seems fresh in the organic section of the grocery store.
  3. Marmots drink tea; coffee gins ’em up, brings out their inner wolverine.
  4. No marmots were harmed while this picture was being drawn; her eyebrows looked like that when she arrived!
  5. Taking out a “Wanted: One Marmot for Modeling Purposes” add on Craigslist is a really, really bad idea.

A couple of weeks ago we ran our 100th comic and to celebrate we’re adding a couple of you to our Christmas card list this year. M. Mira and Psychokitteh: please send email to quizzer (at) protonmail (dot) com with a snail mail address before Dec. 20th. I’ll shoot you a reply (so you know I got it) and then another when we send out the cards. Then I promise to shred ’em, or whatever you do, so you don’t end up on some weird “webcomic creators” seminar list.

— Quizzer & Codex

P.S. Welcome Huns and Hoydens!

A Centennial Comic Christmas Celebration!

It’s a huge week for us because on Friday we’ll be publishing the 100th comic of The Churchians! Not many web comics make it to 100. This is our second comic to hit that milestone. Codex has worn out two mechanical arms in the process. Whew!

Codex likes the story so much that she has threatened to quit, so she can experience the story the same way you guys do. “That doesn’t make much sense,” I replied. “The comic wouldn’t even be half as good without you as the illustrator!” She has to settle with ‘story chunks’, and complains if I brainstorm about future developments with her. Glyph is now my go-to if I really need to talk out the meta of the story. Continue reading