Single Use Only

This comic is part of a story arc – read it from the beginning.

Proper “motivation” (involving coffee and a whisk – don’t ask) was administered and Codex managed to pull this one out old school. This is the scanned original drawing, which we normally don’t have because everything is digital now. Kids these days.

Color version should be incoming later today or tomorrow, depending on how much more “motivation” is required.

Wednesday Miscellany: Prayers requested

Codex here with a riddle for you: What do you get when you cross a 55-year-old mushroom and a diving shoulder roll*?

Answer: A half-finished comic and an artist who can neither sit nor stand for very long.

So prayers would be much appreciated, not only for healing, but for finding work-arounds so that if the good Lord in his Wisdom wants me side-lined for a while, the things folks are counting on me to do get done.

(*Another super fun activity like leaping side kicks and tree climbing that Codex is no longer allowed to do. Sigh.)