The Churchians – Season 1.01: Narrativists!

The Schnapsidee

Everyone thought ‘Schnapsidee’ was a made-up word. Even Codex.

The Twins

Glyph is now part of the madness. Welcome aboard!

Churchi Below

Primitive Scalzi is best Scalzi.

Love for The Narrative

Oddly enough, we *hate* The Narrative.





Extra Frame: Verboten!

Nominative; Nomenclative. Someone’s been doing too much Latin.


Always Was, Forever Will Be

What The Narrative demands The Narrative receives.


Suited to Serve

“Even when it’s painful…”


Extra Frame: Suited to Serve

The Narrative views this as a feature, not a bug.

*Exceptionally* Suited to Serve

Body-shaming is a big problem in the vegetable world.


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