The Churchians – Season 2.01: The Next Day

Shadow Saints



Hospitality tip: Offer a variety of plate sizes. Guests can pick strategically depending on what’s on offer.

Spork Troubles

It’s pronounced Seattle-lattes, in case you were unsure.

Doctor Ionë

In Churchi, a ‘doctor’ is like an apothecary with a little bit of exterminator.

Extra Frame: Doctor Ionë

It’s kinda weird. It works as a standalone comic too.

Sleep Troubles

Big sisters…

Always a Crisis

Word of the Day: Cutaneous – related to the skin. TiaT cares 🙂

A Closer Look


The Juggling Wish

If you only have one arm, jugglers are magical.

Official Doctorly Advice

We were going to suggest the miracle cure of antidepressants.

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