Alignment: LAWful good.Larry is a cross between a bear and a Totoro, and has a thick Ukrainian accent. We… try not to think about how exactly that happened, either.

The character design is a fine example of compromise. Codex only likes drawing cute and cuddly critters. Q was like ‘think more armor, think more guns.’ Codex didn’t see the value of an accent. Q saw an opportunity to give the character more personality, and work in the Hugo-nominated Orphan Black angle. See, compromise. Both sides give a little and the result is stronger than either idea alone.

The current definition: Give us everything we demand and check your privilege you raging blank-ist; is not long-term viable. Not in our barely-humble opinion, anyway.

Larry was inspired by mister Sad Puppy himself, Larry Correia, author of the kick-monster-butt series Monster Hunter International. A thorough review of the first three Monster Hunter books can be found by our very own Codex in the Reading Room. You can ‘hang’ with Larry at his very own blog and discuss “manly” topics like monsters and various ways to liquidate them, going into detailed analysis of calibers and dispersion patterns. Introduce yourself and ask, “Why can’t I just use a Glock?” to get the conversation rolling.

Yeah, don’t introduce yourself that way.

Instead say, “Hi, I’m here from Tempest in a Teardrop – can I still get the first hit book for free?” Yes, that’s much better.