A guest post by Terri the Potato

As you know, the first step in wrenching social justice from an all-too-uncaring society is Awareness. Today, I am going to stand up for a victim group whose plight needs greater visibility. They are blacklisted by large corporate Silverware Conglomerates, and exploited by Fast-Food Mega-Corporations. I’m talking about the humble Spork.

A spork is an unholy cross between a spoon and a fork. It performs neither function well. That is what the stereotype says anyway. That is what they want you to believe. As such, they can only find employment in a handful of fast food “restaurants” where they are used once, if at all, and tossed away. Like garbage. The lucky ones find work in the camping industry. Not by choice, but because someone needed to “save space.” They are treated shamefully by us. By me.

When the rich and powerful dine in movies and television shows they always eat with gold-plated sporks! Wait: No they don’t. Caviar forks, grapefruit spoons, and cake breakers are all frequently depicted. How can you tell that the low-class shifty-eyed white Christian cis-normative “male” is evil? He eats meat with a spork! And when he’s finished eating that stew, uncooked, straight from the can, they’ll show him waving it about like a madman, terrorizing small children and puppies. It’s unrelenting, it’s demeaning. and it’s offensive. The stereotype is even perpetuated in children’s shows.

We can do better than this. We have to.