Many of our comics feature unnamed characters, which typically have been mushrooms, carrots, or onions. We owe our astute readers an honest, straightforward explanation for this:

Our crisper drawer only has so much room.

Onions are typical social justice warriors. If you believe we are saying they have hidden layers of complexity, and add a certain spice that the typical comic strip villain lacks, then good for you!

Carrots are mostly neutral, non-participants. They may or may not be the subject of the joke.

Mushrooms are fungis. And fungals. They act as cheerleaders for our heroes. If you can find a deeply symbolic meaning in this characterization, be sure to let us know.

Mollusca is my favorite phylum!Any of the extras can have accessories. In our recent comic Phantom Complaint, the carrot wore dark sunglasses to mark him as a product of Hollywood. In an upcoming comic some of the onions carry torches. Or pitchforks. These added features are mainly a product of the deranged naked mole rats cephalopods flitting about in Codex’s brain. We’re sure an enterprising grad student will one day do their thesis on how a mushroom attained sentience and learned to draw despite being handicapped.

Some readers have raised the semi-valid point that we could look up pictures of vegetables on the internet, rather than going with what was on sale at our local farmers’ market. This is easily rebutted: the internet is so filled with cat pictures and foolish people on YouTube you can scarcely find anything else.

By knowing The Extras, we hope you will better understand Tempest in a Teardrop. Thanks for reading!