When raw intellect is needed, we call upon Wright the Raven. Tricky vocabulary? Check. Gentlemanly insults? Check. Cultured? Well, as much as we can make him. He is still a Raven, after all.

Astute readers Raven_flight_cartoonmay have picked up on his ladybug friend. We have no idea what that is about. Wright has secrets. Large, brainy secrets.

Wright the Raven is named after John C. Wright, Famous Author™. John writes epic science fiction stories, one of which is City Beyond Time, Codex’s favorite science fiction novel of 2015.

It was Mr. Wright who originally coined the phrase Tempest in a Teardrop to describe the Sad Puppies III drama. Yes, we did ask permission before, er, borrowing the name. It helps that John and Codex know one another in meatspace. In fact, they have done role-playing games together!

I’m not privy to all the stories, but I can give you a couple of pointers should you ever find yourself at the mercy of John C. Wright, GameMaster™. If John offers to let your character start with a pet kitten, do not take it! Unless, of course, you hate cats. Should your party need to spy upon a group of guards, do stop and insist on listening. Since the days of Macbeth, bored watchmen speak highly entertainingly with the most earthy, hilarious commentary. Perhaps if you ask them both very, very nicely, they’ll share more 🙂

If you think the raven is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe, it’s not. Just ask yourself, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”