As it turns out, it is impossible to draw a cute spider. That is why Terri is a potato.

Instead of manipulating events from the center of her web, Terri is covered with eyes. She sees everything. Our astute readers might think Terri is the leader of the CHORFs, but they would be wrong! Don’t feel bad, Mom, Dear Readers: I had no idea either. And I’m the writer.

Once Codex gets on a root beer-fueled frenzy there is just no stopping her.

I was thrilled, of course, because I knew there would be plenty of real-estate for Terri to cover with marks when we did the strip Silence Will Fall, which I’m repeating here for three reasons. First, it is past my bedtime. Second, we are preparing for Real Life stuff. Third, as a non-professional comic strip writer I don’t, in fact, have professional standards. Huh, you really do learn about yourself through “hardship.”

Maybe if I had been forced to write funny cartoons instead of cleaning my room when I was a wee lad things would have turned out differently.

Well, too late now. Sorry!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silence_(Doctor_Who)Terri is the consummate feminist for the modern age, and we’ll feature her as often as we need someone who knows what is best for us. Which should be fairly often: Apparently society, and by that I mean YOU, Dear Reader, are nothing but a racist, sexist, misogynist pig wallowing in a mire of cis-whatsit privilege.

I know. So welcome to the club. We have cookies, but the decoder ring is on back-order.