Hi. It is I, Larry Bear Totoro thing. This my blog. Bet you did not know I have blog? Neither do I, but I make one now. Interwebs good!

Reader, name of Mobiuswolf, knows not what is Third-Wave Feminism. Is understandable: no shame. Not even feminists know for sure.

First wave feminism was suffragettes fighting Victorians for right to vote. Victorians not like sex or fun. Or women voting. Women win! Good for women. Flappers celebrate newfound liberties, get drunk. Victorians die off. Yay, feminists!

Second wave feminism starts in 1960s. Women like even more liberation, burn bras, equal pay, equal opportunities. Men like too. Feminist women very easy: bang like screen door. Yay feminists!

Third wave feminism is where problem start. Some say is actually a fourth wave. Is also called intersectional feminism. We discuss intersectional theory another time.

Main thing is: First and Second Wave, not count for much. Women not really equal after all. Is patriarchy makes them oppressed. What is patriarchy? Is all the boy people, everywhere. Very much grievance: goes back three, maybe 4,000 years. Very bad for all women, even women who think, “I am okay.”

So every mens must pay by not having jobs. Rights also not so good for mens. Even right to live: maybe we rethink that. For all the mens. Some of the women, they say: kill 9 of every 10 boy peoples. Only need 1 to breed more girl peoples!


Also, all physical relations must have the “express consent,” thing. Always must ask permission! “May I touch you here? May I kiss you there? May I buy you popcorn?” So now all sex is bad. All fun is bad. Marriage, very much badness. Yay feminists!