Editor’s Note: We at Tempest in a Teardrop believe profanity cheapens the mind and weakens the soul. Alas, Scalzi Bunnyboy does not agree. As a compromise, we’re substituting other words (clearly delineated in brackets] for his toilet talk histrionics. Honestly, what’s the difference?

Today I’m going to talk about privilege, because I [frozen peas] feel like it. When you live life on the easiest setting, like I do, you can do whatever you want. I’m closing comments because I don’t feel like dealing with dumb [hay bales].

1.  What is privilege?   Society favors some people. All the benefits of living flow to them. These benefits are called privilege. If you benefit, you should be willing to give some of your privilege up to those less fortunate that society hasn’t favored.

2. What about hard work?  What about it? Seriously, you’re a [donut center] if you think you’ve worked for anything. Society gave you what you’ve been given, don’t lie to everyone about ‘work’. You had opportunities other people never had.

3. So if I have a job, I should give it up to somebody who doesn’t have one, because I was lucky?  Don’t put words in my mouth you [horse nuggets]. I never said that. When it comes to finding people for jobs other people probably deserve to be in line ahead of you. Yes, now you know the privilege you’ve been taking advantage of your entire life.

4. What about job qualifications? Everyone is qualified for every job. It is a lie told by tea party [Earl Gray, Hot] that jobs have [pancake noodle] requirements. Pretty much anyone can do anything. Isn’t that the American [flotsam] Dream?

5. So a person who cannot lift life-saving fire-fighting gear should get a firefighter’s job in the place of someone that can? Even if that person cannot (or will not) carry an injured person out of a burning building?  You just aren’t getting it. The injured person in your example is benefitting from privilege. It is more important that someone society has [brass pipe-fitting] gets a job. Sacrifices have to be made.

6. So the privileged person might die and that is just okay? Why the [fruit sticks] are you being overly dramatic? Are you an extremist? You sound like an extremist. Always putting things in worst-case language in order to make a point. [Frog Legs] you. Nobody is going to die.

Clearly a few of you don’t like to think they have privilege. Hey, no skin off my nose. You self-deluded fools are very sad cases, and one day soon you’ll learn different. Just another Nugget of Knowledge from the pen of Bunnyboy Scalzi.