Predators KNOW they're coolShark movie come out and is so very much good! Originally I think: “I only watch until I can write review so bed can come.” Bonus: I not give spoilers!

We start at Washington DC, where Finn, hero from other Sharknado movies, is rushing to get first Golden Chainsaw award. It is solid gold chainsaw that runs good (Is important detail too.)

Weather Service not see hugest storm coming. Nor see sharks on radar. Or falling on people. Typical incompetent government. Do not trust shark storm forecasts. Of course we see President Mark Cuban and Vice President Ann Coulter. Do they go on vacation or steal childrenses’ lunches? No, they not do those things.

Sharks plummet onto people and begin feast. Secret Service is competent like always: tough and devoured. It falls to President and Finn, who shoot and blow sharks up. Where does President get grenade? Who would trust President with grenade? Why doesn’t he use golf club? Because President Cuban is Hero!

As brief aside, shark skeet shooting best new sport! Very competitive. Miss and shark wins.

During much mayhem, George Washington saves Finn. Dead president save more lives than current president. Washington DC destroyed by sharks! By falling Lamniformes, too. Everybody happy except sharks, who always have hunger for famous people.

Scene ends with President, Vice President, Finn, and other famous person impaling falling shark on American Flag. Opening credits roll. Much material to write blog post! Highly recommend first 13 minutes of Sharknado III. More action than Interstellar in four hours of “entertainment”.