Sadly, internet culture is filled with all manner of wackiness that just cannot be made into comic strips. Some of those things contain bad words, and consider this your one and only warning that some of those bad words made it into this post. Caveat Lector!

When we first started Tempest in a Teardrop, this article crossed into my Feedly headlines: Students at San Diego State Hold “Shit In” for Gender Neutral Bathrooms. The internet is exceedingly clever in its protest-iness. Such an event is surely comic-worthy, no? Sadly, it couldn’t be done. It violates our “minimal-potty-word” policy. It violates our “bad taste” policy. Most of the cast doesn’t even poop. Plus, I’m pretty sure the problem has been solved. I distinctly remember one of those Ancient Technology shows on the History Channel that mentioned the invention of the stall door. How prescient were our ancestors from ages long past?

Then there was this little ditty from the weekend: Feminist Moonbat Runs London Marathon Without a Tampon to Raise Awareness, Bleeds All Over Herself. So, yayness! I mean, who could have seen that coming? The result was bloody obvious! You know, because 1) it was from London – yes, we use international slang here – and 2) Yeah. Completely comic-ready, completely unsuitable for our comic. Dang it.

She also appears to have fallen for a feminist joke – see this for more information. Apologies for sending you to Breitbart on that one.

Of course, the wackiness standard still exists in the real world. You don’t even need to look at Washington DC, just look at the magazines at the grocery check-out line.

Something called “In Touch”, which brings up a surprising large number of questionable links when you search for it, features someone named Blake with an “other woman” problem. I don’t know who Blake is. I don’t know who anyone mentioned on the cover is. I do know the title of the weekly must be inferred because Blake’s picture covers most of it up, and that it will set you back $2.99 if you wish to be fully informed in today’s society. Honestly, who would spend money on this? Would they also spend it on an online comic strip?

–> Q