No, we’re not at Sasquan yet, but we do need to check the technology before we go. In addition, we have an unexpected houseguest and hitch hiker for the trip: Terri. My pain is yours, we can do this!

She apparently started in Idaho and thru vague arrangements with produce truck drivers ended up here. We feel it is our Christian duty to see her safely to the con. No good deed goes unpunished.

Our house is misogynistic in all manner of ways. Bathrooms? Tools of the patriarchy. Kitchen? Misogynist. “How is our kitchen misogynist?” I asked. “It exists,” says Terri, with the scolding look you would expect.

In addition, Terri needs special travelling accoutrements. Cool. Dark. Lest she bud halfway there. We finally found something more worthy than a sock our daughter used for soccer practice.


We are looking forward to Sunday, when Terri goes someplace else. Or regenerates into a more delicious form.