Finally arrived, long drive. Very smoky. Nobody saw through our clever disguises – we’re in!

Met our first victim potential future reader: Alex of the ‘zine breakingitalldown. Here I am “selling” us.

Q Recruits Reader


There are a large number of attendees, some are dressed “more normal”. Most are dressed. Another bullet dodged!

Attending Baen Travelling Roadshow at the moment. First book featured a new chainmail bikini chick cover. Toni Weisskopf suggested that anyone offended was probably in the wrong place. The room erupted in applause. Yayness!

Codex won a copy of The Chaplain’s War.

Lastly, we got checked in to our hotel. Q and Terri finally found common ground. They were both awed by the in-room swimming pool.

Q and Terri: Something in common!

Q and Terri: Something in common!