Odds ‘n Sods

Point the First
We would like to thank Glyph for her cartooning efforts while we were recovering from WorldCon. Glyph is a pre-teen going on 14, who reads at a twelfth grade level. When I catch her reading, which is often, I ask her which comic she has. If she does not have one, I give her one. In this way I have tricked her into reading Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbs, Bloom County, Captain Underpants, and Sheldon. She, of course, would prefer to read the classics: Madam Bovary and Moby Dick.

Glyph just asked, “Can I have my extra dessert now, or was that just hyperbole too?” Mobiuswolf, we cannot help but feel you share some responsibility for this development. Thank you.

Point the Second
I was going to write about Connie Willis and the speech she made during the Hugo Award ceremony. It was going to be a brilliant analysis of the two primary jokes talking about the setup (wonderful!), structure (excellent!), delivery (charming!) and why the ending was a complete fail (boo!). Note: making fun of killing people is rarely funny. Do not laugh, do not collect 200 comedy club points.

Oddly enough, there are no clips of her speech online. There is no transcript. Codex has search-fu like we normal beings cannot fathom, and she could not locate these things. Without seeing the speech for yourself, I can’t write my analysis. If somebody can provide a link, then please do so because frankly I’ve got nothing for Thursday yet.

Point the Third
This is okay however because I ran across this article and learned there is such a thing as Cultural Libertarians. That is us. Codex and I do not appear in their otherwise fine article due to a technical glitch, we are sure. Cultural Libertarians are people who are fed up with the groupthink, the badthink, and the wrongthink attitude of so many self-important people in the world today. We believe people should be allowed to follow their own consciences, their own faiths, and their own customs, within common sense limits. If you cannot fathom these limits then you do not have common sense.

This article is very timely for us. My in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow. Before this article appeared, I would have to say “cartoonist” when asked what I was doing lately. This would have been followed by the awkward mother-in-law hairy-eyeball. Tell your mother-in-law that you are now a cartoonist and you will see what I mean. Then would come the quiet whispers. Checking our cupboards for food. Taking a second look at our poor, three-legged greyhound.

Armed with this new knowledge, I can say I am a “Cultural Libertarian Humorist.” That sounds important. It carries gravitas. It pays the same as “cartoonist”, but money is easy to find, what with the FED printing more of it than ever tonight. Codex can say she is a “Cultural Libertarian Illustrator.” When we win our Hugo Tor awards, I hope those words will fit on the award.

We know there is plenty of space for the “No Award” engraving.

14 thoughts on “Odds ‘n Sods

    1. It was a very good article. I think there are more Cultural Libertarians being made every day. Putting a name to the activity helps, and not just with mother-in-laws 🙂


  1. Cultural Libertarianism could be the common ground we need to pull people out of the false dichotomy.

    I had a couple of thoughts and it didn’t even hurt. Inspired by the six hour vibration of the woodsplitter, gah!

    What does Noah Ward look like?

    Who wears the asterisk mask?

    My zombie apocalypse is started by a Pol (bitch) who commissions a “vaccine” to create biddable zombies as an election strategy. You can have 2500 of them. No charge.


    1. On the Cultural Libertarianism thing… I don’t see how. It gives a name to those who are speaking up, whether they have sites of their own or participate on those sites. I don’t see how it does anything for moderates.

      On the Noah Ward/Asterisk Mask – good questions and I have no idea how to answer them.

      2500 zombies? Are they waterproof? Can they stand direct sunlight? Do we have to feed them before midnight? And what do they eat? Sounds like a lot of responsibility for us (I mean… it’s us… you do know how we do things around here, right?), and, for legal purposes, I don’t want to be responsible for the zombie apocalypse.

      Send them in unmarked paper bags, nobody will know. Thanks. 🙂


          1. I forgot about those little guys. Slept since then.

            It was just a thought. You did ask for those.
            I like zombies. Useful idiots and no repercussions when you put them down (except the next one, and the next).


          2. I did and I appreciate it. I’m of the “no bad ideas” camp, you never know when a germ of a great (in our case, hilarious) idea will be born from combining the most insane or stupid ideas.

            Ummmm… I’m NOT calling your idea stupid! And for the record: I like zombies. Especially ones defeated with an army of plants and Laura Shigihara music.


          3. And wasn’t that a surprising little strategy and tactics game? The GKs love it though at 3,5,&7 they aren’t up to much in the way of tactics. They love to help though and play with all the opened levels.


  2. “On the Cultural Libertarianism thing… I don’t see how. It gives a name to those who are speaking up, whether they have sites of their own or participate on those sites. I don’t see how it does anything for moderates.”

    I think it might make a bigger tent than that. Plenty of liberals and conservatives both are anti statist. As well as disgusted.


    1. Ah, didn’t quite know what you were getting at. Total agreement, it is one reason why we are a-political on the issues and stick to the tactics of the totalitarians. And yes, I do think the Cultural Libertarian side is just getting started.

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