Somewhere amidst the chaos of the last two weeks, we published our 50th comic.

This is huge. It is an Achievement. All the statistics say the average web comic dies after thirty strips. Codex told me that, and she is an authority on this stuff. I think.

No, I don’t know which strip is the 50th, I can’t be bothered to count them up. [I can. Because I did. I have every comic organized in alphabetical order. ~Codex]

There are many reasons web comics die: it takes time to draw, time to write, time to research topics so as to remain relevant, and it takes time for promotional activities. And you do all these things while scrounging for food, because it doesn’t pay very well.

We’ve loved doing it though. We’d do it even if we were the only ones who found it funny. Thankfully, we aren’t. There are people who follow us, and they seem to keep coming back, and we are assuming it is not for the freebie giveaways, since we don’t do those. [Unless you find me in person. I have loads of freebies! ~Codex]

We’ve learned a ton of stuff via our little effort here. We’ve still got a ways to go.

We’ll be archiving our efforts shortly; well, by the end of September, because it is extra work. We need an easy “start here” page where readers can get the strips from first to last, in manageable chunks, rather than having to scroll backwards, which is easy to do, if a pain. This process will almost certainly nuke the comments, so if you particularly value any you may want to screenshot them. We’ll also fold in the Tuesday/Thursday blurbs as appropriate.

We’ve worked out numerous technical problems. There are a few more to solve. Draw-y-wraw-y stuff. You don’t come for the sausage-making details, I won’t bore you with them. Easily solved stuff. Yeah: famous last words…

Our very Cultured and Astute Readership is probably asking itself, “Why, is there anything we can do to help? Besides giving you money?” Why, yes, Extremely Attractive and Witty Readers, there is!

And just for the record: we don’t want your money. As you can see from the extensive and irritating advertising that covers our site, we suck as business-people. That will not be changing any time soon.

First: Let’s talk about “Likes”. Before we began we thought, “Likes are stupid.” It turns out – we love them! If you enjoy our efforts, please continue giving them to us. We know this costs you something: you leave a very visible “I was here” fingerprint, which your enemies can use to embarrass you. If you were reading something more socially-acceptable, like Tumblr, then we wouldn’t need to thank you nearly as much. So, thank you!

Second: comments. We like those too. We leave the serious discussions off our comment pages, but if you have questions about the art/jokes or give us better lines we should have used, providing a layup for a comic “correction;” feel free. We give credit!

Third: linking to us; Facebook posting, that sort of thing. Frankly, we’re still not ready to really push this. We’re too “inside baseball” about the Hugo Awards. We’re striving to stay on that issue, but make the jokes funny to new readers who don’t follow the Hugo Awards or Science Fiction Theatre. There are plenty of stupid things people do on the internet, and in society, and we’d really like to humiliate them! Well, not them so much as their behavior or what they say. We’ve tried to stick to that rule. We’ve mostly succeeded.

If you really like a particular strip, then feel free to repost/link/Facebook/whatever. I can tell when somebody puts a comic on Facebook because we get more visitors, but we cannot tell where they are coming from except “Facebook”. So if you do post us on your Facebook page, let us know it was you. That way we’ll know who to bribe so you’ll keep doing it. When we feel like our body of work is more accessible–and that will be a while–we’ll probably ask for more help in this area.

If you have particular suggestions or criticisms or advice, please feel free to put them in the comments or send mail to quizzerw at gmail dot com.

Finally, tomorrow is our last “Hugo 2015” strip. It may or may not be a while before we return to Puppy-Related issues, that depends on how silly the CHORFs get. Please don’t think we’re surrendering the territory or moving on. We’ll be continuing on thru what we’re sure will be a civil and pleasant Hugo Award Night in 2016. Yes, we’ve talked about it and we think we can keep going as we are for another year. Thanks, likes, criticism, links all very much appreciated. And especially prayers!

Thank you for reading Tempest in a Teardrop.