14 thoughts on “Unleash the Torlings!

    1. Wait a minute… are you accusing us of making fun of totally and completely sincere commenters on various Puppy-friendly sites?

      Because if you are, that’s the kind of thing that gets you ‘Likes’ around here 😉

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    1. Got you unspammed.. and wow, you’ve really put me on the spot here. It’s like a perverse version of ‘stump the band’, so no promises. But who knows, my brain has done weirder things before.


      1. I think a torling is a kinder, gentler troll, Passive- aggressive, concern trolls. I don’t know where you guys are but I hope you’re not stuck in one of their PA/ct paradises.

        I had the misfortune of moving to Massachusetts before high school. Formative, impressionable years. It’s a culture of concern trolls, never failing to assure you, “It’s for your own good.”

        I came to believe the whole world had degenerated into cowardly busybodies and despaired.

        I’m out of it now. Maine highlands, way up in the middle by the big lake.

        rambling, sorry


        1. No apologies necessary. Sounds nice, I like the country. In fact, I’ve just finished tomorrow’s blurb entitled ‘The Pea Hen Plague’, although I’m not sure that will survive the editing process. Codex should be home in a bit to fix things. Pea Hens are not native to cities. People would strangle them.

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