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A group of disgruntled Torlings held a peaceful protest at Tempest in a Teardrop Studios yesterday. Nearly two dozen Torlings snuck in, disrobed, and began chanting their demands: “No Lists, No Slates, Puppy Books we Love to Hates!” The Torlings contend that a group called the ‘Puppies’ are discussing books they like and ranking them into a list on the internet. A list that will “turn into a slate any day now,” contends GalaxyCat, a Torling who bared it all to make a point.

“We’re gobsmacked,” said Kate the Unicorn, on behalf of TiaT Studios, “the books we’re allowed to enjoy are bodgy.” We can’t be bothered to translate what that even means.

The Torlings described the protest as a “complete success.” Mewler described the reaction as “shocked, horrified and completely pwn’d.” Surlypuss reported, “physical violence was threatened” before protesters voluntarily left the premises. Both the Torlings and their leaders, referred to collectively as CHORFs, are celebrating their victory tonight. CHORF stands for Cool & Hip & Original, Redundant Fanbeings.

At this point we considered contacting a TiaT representative for input. But let’s face it, we’d simply misquote or misconstrue their words and we’re up against a deadline. That’s just journalism 101.

The courage of the Torlings cannot go unmentioned. It takes guts to sneak into a modern comic studio with enhanced security measures, disrobe, and voice your concerns to a group of people who not only clearly hate you, but threaten violence at every turn. We are only too happy to raise awareness of their plight and add our voice: bullying is never okay.

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