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Larry: I am Larry the Bear-Totoro Thing, and today we have special blog post live from Dewberry Woods Fashion Show! I know little bit about fashion but mainly how to conceal many weapons in clotheses. So I have brought friend today for help: Sarah  Mouse.

Sarah: Hi everybody. We’re excited to be attending the first-ever Dewberry Woods Fashion Show. All the denizens of the comic have turned out to see what promises to be an extravaganza of chic fashion statements for the modern scary world of 2015. First up we have–

Beyonce Stage DiveLarry: She fall down! Oh tragedy and hazard of being supermodel! She okay now though. Director hand her OSHA accident report form and Obamacare medical code. Will leave big skidmark on ego for sure!

Sarah: Absolutely. Terribly embarrassing. Ooh, look at these two!

Accordian_WideshouldersLarry: Big shoulders in-style finally! Silly accordion pants can carry extra rocket rounds for many tactical surprises! Brilliant!

Sarah: The pantaloon hasn’t been seen since the 1400s, except for a brief appearance as ‘parachute pants’ in the mid-1980s. Now we can all see why. Oh wow, what is this one wearing?

Selfie RigLarry: Look like stage lights. It is perfect fashion accessory for self-important people. Always ready for selfie! President will order many!

Sarah: They will surely be a top seller this fall, but the designer really missed out by not including a built-in selfie stick. I expect to see a few of those on some of our residents. Stop looking at me like that, I don’t name-and-shame!

Larry: This is first time, then. Here we have supermodel doing homage to Kate the Unicorn, for her role in Sad Puppies IV. Funny impression. Make Larry laugh.

Unicorn HomageSarah: Let’s just go with that explanation. Next up we have something called Not Tonight Dear Lingerie. I don’t get it.

Not Tonight DearLarry: I think hidden grenades tell husband she does NOT want to make sweet, sweet… dinner… for this night. Is next outfit viking tunic?

https://www.rickowens.eu/en/Sarah: Yes it is, Larry. We have some entries by our Guest of Honor, designer Rick Owens. His first entry is indeed based on a viking tunic, with plenty of deadly hardware attached. The strategic cutout helps make TSA checks go faster, and does nothing to hide his male privilege. [editor: This is true. Many NSFW images are available with the proper search – from your local library, of course!]

Larry: This is bad, bad choice to make. Everyone can see his patriarchy!  Floppy toga-thing is over-sized. Make him look small.

Sarah: The crisp fall air we have in the woods today doesn’t exactly help him stand out either. Rick’s next entry is supposed to make a statement about ablism.

https://www.rickowens.eu/en/Larry: I see. In addition to being supermodel, model is also superhero! Four arms make work take half time, extra legs strategically placed to ward off wierdo people. Now everybody knows what is like to not have all limbs. Next up is… what is this, Sarah?

https://www.rickowens.eu/en/Sarah: Our runway model is wearing another model – as an accessory! It’s like an existential meta-model thing going on! Truly avante-garde! Good thing supermodels eat next to nothing.

Larry: This is brilliant way to buy one ticket at movies and sneak friend in. ‘No, is NOT other person, is accessory! Do you not live in Los Angeles, simpleton?’ Note heavy OSHA-approved lifting straps rating for up to 90 lbs. Does Obamacare have medical code for ‘catastrophic runway pileup’?

Sarah: For our last model… I. Have. No. Words.

CQQLOU4WsAYHiqu.jpg largeLarry: I see professionals making stunt look easy. Clearly they no have trust issues. Or boundaries. This is good replacement for corporate retreat team-building fall-back-and-catch-me exercise. No Tex-Mex allowed at retreat, though. Only true friend would volunteer to be couture fashion statement. I hope they switch off next time they go to clubbing.

Larry and Sarah are goofing off on the internet snarking about crazy fashion week models

[Editor: The article Paris Fashion Week Eats Itself, Models Wear Each Other inspired today’s madness.]