4 thoughts on “WrongCake

  1. The girls will love that site. They fancy themselves bakers, and admittedly do much better than those on display.

    I never judge a cake by it’s color, only by chocolate content.

    Cupcake cake?


    1. Jen at Cake Wrecks only makes fun of *professional* cake decorators. If the cake isn’t being sold in a bakery somewhere, she doesn’t use it. So hey, new business opportunity for them if they can bake better 🙂

      The dreaded “cupcake cake” is a cake made out of cupcakes sort of mushed together. Supposedly makes it easier to eat because you just pull off a cupcake, instead of the normal cut & fight over who gets what piece. They’ve made up some pretty horrible cakes – like a vague football shape for a Superbowl cake, that sort of thing.


      1. I assumed as much. And yes, Mia and Amy can both make some pretty fancy cakes. There are just very few customers up here. The G-kids the theme of their choice for birthdays though.


  2. Another example of the harm caused by the Cake-riarchy. Sigh. When will it end? When will we get beyond the othering of complex carbohydrates and (trans)fat shaming?

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