6 thoughts on “The Reformation Misinformation Violation

  1. You can’t interrupt their cultural traditions. That would be impolite and racist. And it would be improper to explain to our betters that they might somehow be in need of assistance, or to use force in any way at all against the poor, underprivileged (if unreformed) taters.

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  2. What the heck are those things? Lumpy, short fur, beaver tails, buck teeth, no limbs. Their natural prey seems to be the potato, and they’re really attached to their pointy sticks, which they appear to use as straws.

    Nope, I got nothing. I assume there’s some awful pun involved in their creation, but I’m just not that good.


    1. Poor, unfortunate, potato cannibals. Reformed according to Wikipedia. The Clan of the Pointy Stick *is* a reference, but we aren’t saying to what. Straws… hmmm. I could see that, but in this case they were simply meant to be clinging to their prey, who is obviously more elusive than one would expect from a feminist potato.



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