6 thoughts on “Calories Count

  1. I see guberment has unraveled the great mystery of calories in food. I wish I was still unaware of this but thanks to you…
    “Covered establishments will list calorie information for standard menu items on menus and menu boards and a succinct statement about suggested daily caloric intake. ”

    I actually think it’s all a clever ruse by bureaucrats hoping to learn how to make a “succinct statement.”


    1. Domino’s has an online app that lets you pick out your ingredients and it cranks out the answer thru mathemagics. Bureaucrats do everything they can to *avoid* succinct statements. Succinct statements lead to accountability measures, and accountability is not a desirable quality in modern governments 😛

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      1. Well then, their purpose is beyond me.
        They can’t think anyone cares what Michelle thinks of their lunch.

        BTW, that cupcake doesn’t appear to have been anywhere near pizza ovens. Did dominoes outsource their order taking?

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  2. I’m afraid little Patt has “issues.” Once you hire… Patt, you’re stuck with… Patt until Patt decides to quit. Anything else would be Insensitive and problematic.

    Making Patt take the TiaT studios orders however, could do the trick…



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