11 thoughts on “GMICH: Santa-Splaining

  1. Scalzi = Grinch? Yeah, I can see that.
    BTW, Codex & Q, I really really really enjoy your cartoons, even though I occasionally have a hard time figuring out who’s being parodied.

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    1. Thank you so much. Quizzer says its the highest praise you can get outside of cashy-money 🙂

      Could you expand on what makes it difficult to perceive who’s being parodied? That would help us improve the work.


      1. Well, although the characteristics of your targets must appear clear to you, they don’t always connect for me. For example, I presume the tentacle monster with sockpuppets is Scalzi; I may be wrong though.
        I haven’t figured out at all who the cupcake is.
        The potato is George Rape Rape Martin, right?
        May I suggest an index showing them & their IRL names? Or would your lawyers have a collective hemorrhage at the thought?
        There could be a clear link at the top of the page, leading to a pageful of sample illustrations and names. Or perhaps a column down the right side, with thumbnails and IDs…


        1. The cupcake is just a cupcake, and was originally introduced so we could pay homage to Cake Wrecks. She/he sort of got extra life because the story muse makes me follow “the funny”. Rory, the Head Chorf, the Chive (we are currently discussing her *actual* name), and many other characters are just there.

          The potato is the feminist, Terri. We’ve never revealed who inspired her but there are clues. Those who know, will know.

          The Germ is the Machiavellian genius who may or may not be inspired by an author whose initials closely resemble the name. At least according to our lawyers.

          Scalzi/Bunnyboy may or may not be related to an author who shares one of his names. Even if he is, we still would never put words in said author’s mouth, even if we disagree with lots of things he writes.

          None of our characters are real life people, except Q the Spork and Codex the Mushroom are pretty much us. We do not want to put words in anyone’s mouth. So even if you know the actual people who inspired some of our characters, you don’t need to follow them closely or even know who they are to hopefully find our cartoons humorous.

          And yes, the site does need some revamp. We’ll get to it as soon as our real jobs, Christmas, and Manga Studio 5 quit kicking our behinds 🙂



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