9 thoughts on “Murder, She Brewed

    1. Nancy Drew has more name recognition in the fictional detective world, what with feminism and all. Plus it gives us another chance to make fun of her, like kicking an extra point in football.

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  1. Art Question: Why do you only use gray and brown? Brown is fine for mushrooms (although it’s strange that you make the otter gray instead of brown), but radishes, blood, et cetera should be red.


    1. Short answer: Codex only has so much time to draw.

      Longer answer: we’ve experimented with color (see the Christmas card, for example) but neither of us likes the “cartoon” look that comes with it. A sepia color palette might work well, but we don’t have time to delve into that dungeon quite yet.


    1. We’ll find out Wednesday! Same Teardrop Time, Same Teardrop Website!

      Assuming the comic doesn’t get eaten by the Humor Machine… we really need to come up with a name for it…



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