10 thoughts on “CSI: DW

    1. Being ex law enforcement, you would know the actual number better than I, a cultural libertarian humorist relying on Wikipedia for important statistics like that. Wikipedia was wrong again? Let me find my shocked face.

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      1. It does vary a bit, depending on the city / state / district, but 500 – 600 is typical. (Ohio was minimum 580 when I went through in the 90’s.) I’m sure there are some departments that have over 1000: the ones that have 8 hours of class 5 days a week.

        I’m just wondering what was cut to add in additional sensitivity training. We covered it, but nothing like 80 hours. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. One of these excuses should cover it.

      1) In addition to a murder, somebody stole a ‘c’.

      2) You are assuming English is the native language of the rookie mushroom. You are a monster.

      3) You are wrong via common core logic. I’d spell that out for you, but that is impossible, as nobody understands common core logic.

      4) As cartoonists, we feel the need to abuse our readers. This time we left out a ‘c’. Next time we’ll leave out a more consequential letter.

      5) Throw a dollar into our “tip jar” to reveal the “real” comic with ‘precinct’ spelled correctly.

      6) Pickles… you are right… the line should have read “Soo whit’s a defective that goop diong in this blackwater precinct.” Apologies. Next time we’ll get it right.

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      1. โ€œSoo whitโ€™s a defective that goop diong in this blackwater precinct.โ€

        ^Missing a question mark^

        Seriously though, a CSI mushroom that actually talks like this would be a really funny character. Imagine the interrogation scenes.

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        1. Bwa-ha-ha. It would be hilarious, wouldn’t it? Like a Blackadder sketch.

          I’m so mortified. I’m going to have to go back to printing out the dialogue to check instead of just editing it in Manga Studio.


  1. Throw a dollar into the tip jar to see the real comic? Paid DLC is already out of control in vidya, now it’s hitting webcomics too! When will this scourge abate?


    1. Eureka! That’s it! We’ll put out a “book” on Steam with a choose-your-next-comic format, where the choices don’t actually mean anything at all. Like the dialog in Fallout 4. We can then put out DLC updates at .99 in a “monthly update” formula. We’ll be fabulously wealthy! Thanks for pointing that out, Scholar-at-Arms. I’d have never thought of it otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰



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