I’ve decided to do a grab-bag of humorous or poignant stuff I’ve seen on the internet over the past couple of months. I normally skip embedded videos. I assure you, if you haven’t seen these they are worth a look.

First, a realistic look at educayshun coming soon to a school or reeducation facility near you.

Modern Educayshun

Put on your tin foil underpants because the Illuminati are real. The evidence is undeniable and surrounds us, like The Force or Social Justice. This video walks you through the steps.

Proving the Illuminati is Real!


Christians and non-Christians alike can surely find a video on Lutheran Satire that will offend them. Christian humor is tricky, at best, and they’ve had to pull more than one video in the past. Meanwhile, for everyone that can handle it, these are hilarious. My personal favorite explains the trinity.

But there are many others: I’m a Christian But I’m Totally Not…, Donall and Conall Meet Richard Dawkins, and The Westboro Baptist Chipmunks are all funny. Watch the videos ’til the end, some of the best lines are post-credits.

Finally, Codex greeted me the other day with this picture.

Slightly bloodier version of the black and white chickens hunting mooseShe asked for captions on her personal blog, The Overgrown Hobbit. My attempts: Chicken Dreams are Terrifying, and Less Wine, More Sleep. Feel free to best those in the comments.

Happy Thursday!

–> Quizzer