12 thoughts on “CSI: DW – Cliffhanger

    1. There’s not a lot of resistance in a tomato to deform the average bullet.
      The bullet does seem to be satisfied at having successfully accomplished it’s primary goal in life – to hit its intended target.

      The real question is – what has the tomato been keeping in her mouth? It looks like a cigarette, but it’s not smoking. And they don’t let anybody smoke in public places anymore, or on TV shows. So what’s she chewing on? An all-organically grown, sustainably harvested toothpick? A vapor stick? The public demands to know!

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      1. Marijuana is legal in like 72 states now. It’s the only thing that is perfectly safe to smoke anywhere now. Best not to overthink that, it just is because Progressives tell us so.

        Whose to say we aren’t seeing everything in the CSI:DW storyline through the eyes of a stoned, dying, veteran cop who identifies as a tomater?

        Hmmm… that’s not bad. I’ll email the writer and have him put that in!

        –> Q the Producer

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        1. In the fake TV show of our fictional comic world, the tomato is a man. I think McChuck made a typo or got one of the 57 new pronouns we must use to refer to people incorrect. Unless you are both in New York, it isn’t a big deal.

          And if you are in New York, can you give McChuck a break and not report him to the authorities? We can’t afford to lose a reader for a three year stint in Pronoun Prison. Thank you 🙂

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        2. When Jim the tomato was first introduced, it was referred to as ‘xhe’. Not being up on the latest silliness, I assume that ‘xhe’ sounds like ‘she’, and denotes some abstract form of femininity.

          Stop assuming that Jim is a masculine name, you cis-sexist phobic haters! Tomatoes, being natural trans-vegetables, are quite often ambiguous in their sexuality, too.


          1. It won’t be the last time somebody makes a pronoun/gender mismatch mistake. Don’t have bad feelz. Imagine the howls of rage when the next President, whoever it might be, screws up during the inaugural address when they thank President Obama, whatever one gender is, for one service.

            Yes, as near as I can tell “one” is used correctly there. Was he not being referred to as “The One” for a bit during his first term?


  1. Fortunately, I’m in Nebraska, where we still use the simple rule “If you have XY chromosomes, you’re male; if you have YY chromosomes, you’re female; that said, if you’re a voluntary castrato, we’ll do you the courtesy of calling you a woman, and if you’ve gone to the trouble of replacing your vagina/womb with a plastic penis, we’ll do you the courtesy of calling you a man.”



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