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Rulez: No real names! No screenshots!

BettiBoop: No, went into labor early
ZombieBride: Bummer. I question her commitment, tho
TheSark: Xhe is cool. Going it alone. Needs our support.

*** SpudCookie has logged on ***

SpudCookie: Good evening, sisters!
BettiBoop: Spud! Hiya!
ZombieBride: No TurtleWhale tonite, Spud 😦
TheSark: Congratulations Spud! Saw you got your beta orbiter yesterday!
BettiBoop: Really? *squeee*
SpudCookie: Thank you. I *am* a little lost with it…
TheSark: What’s the problem?
SpudCookie: What exactly *is* a beta orbiter?
TheSark: Well, you know your Plan B?
SpudCookie: Plan B?
ZombieBride: The boy you keep around as a friend with vague promises of commitment, until Mr Hubba-Hubba-Hunk comes along that you invite to move in?
SpudCookie: Oh, him. Of course. heh, heh.
TheSark: It’s like that, but the guy is *so* dedicated to the Feminist cause they’ve transformed into a proper male.
SpudCookie: So he’ll be completely loyal and behave in a socially correct manner all the time?
TheSark: Within reason. I mean, he’ll always jump into the conversation with the correct femspeak, but they lack independent thought so are not adaptable the way wymyn are.
SpudCookie: How do I take care of it?
ZombieBride: Easy. Keep him out of bright sunlight, don’t let him get wet, and never, ever, no matter how much he begs, feed his ego after midnight.

*** QTheSpork has logged on ***

TheSark: Wait, who?!
QTheSpork: Sorry to interrupt, ladies. Calling an injury time out.
SpudCookie: HOW DARE YOU!
BettiBoop: Our secret chat room! How did you find out about our secret chat room!?!
QTheSpork: You have an injured player. She needs a medic or a psychiatrist or a Xanax or something.
QTheSpork: No reason to keep her suffering.

ZombieBride: The poor thing!
SpudCookie: But, she is in her safe space! She made a cathartic video and everything!
FridgeBane: Easy, ladies. How do we know this is real?
Femtastica: Yeah, she was calling Bernie supporters to get them to vote. The Dem election wasn’t even happening that day. Since when are Bernie supporters racist haters like she claims?
KillAllMen: It’s real. She probably had the misfortune to get a MALE when she phoned.
KillAllMen: Honestly, it makes me glad to be a writer at TheMarySue. No men to ruin my day.
BettiBoop: Give her time, gals. We’ve all been triggered. Some episodes last a long time.
QTheSpork: True. I’ve seen cases that go on for 30 or 40 years…
TheSark: Ah!
ZombieBride: You did NOT just say that! SO. TRIGGERED.

*** ZombieBride has logged out ***

BettiBoop: We’ve obviously been compromised! To our backup chat!
TheSark: The Hamster is Off the Wheel! I repeat: The Hamster is Off the Wheel!

*** BettiBoop has logged out ***

*** TheSark has logged out ***

*** Femtastica has logged out ***

*** TheWhiteRabbit has logged out ***

*** KillAllMen has logged out ***

*** FridgeBane has logged out ***

SpudCookie: Q?
QTheSpork: Yes, Terri?
SpudCookie: I hate you.
QTheSpork: I know, Terri. I know.

*** SpudCookie has logged out ***

*** QTheSpork has logged out ***

H/T to John C Wright and his post Repeal the 19th Amendment.