Redshirts Revisited

Blast from the Past Larry shoots the RedshirtsWe produced ten or so comics when we first started, to prove to ourselves we would be able to hold to a regular schedule, and could offer the internet something different. This was one of our favorites. It provided an opportunity to play with our readers, make fun of ourselves, and push the limits on how family-friendly we were going to be. The misspelling was unfortunate, but these things happen.

We still aren’t apologizing for it.

Tempest in a Teardrop is currently on hiatus and will resume our normal M-W-F publishing schedule starting April 11!

2 thoughts on “Redshirts Revisited

    1. I can sympathize. I still re-read Zoe’s Tale which I loved and Old Man’s War which was a lot of fun. I’ve never actually finished Red Shirts, myself, because I was hoping that Scalzi would get back on track as a writer (and Fuzzy Nation was really really bad). So good on you.

      It still makes for a funny comic though.



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