Comicversary is a word. Really. You are allowed to make up words nowadays. Society is truly lurching toward utopia. We’ve been making comics for an entire year. This is nothing compared to professional cartoonists, but it isn’t bad for us wanna-bees. We cherish our amateur status, and hope to win cartoon-related medals in the upcoming Brazil Olympics. Olympic medals would garner us the attention and publicity we seek. So would catching the Zika virus.

Tickets, hotel rooms, and mosquito netting are still available if you want to join us.

Our first comic ran on May 4, 2015.

CHORFs, the campain to end puppy related sadness and Vox Day. What could possibly go wrong?

Eerie, isn’t it? We’ve gotten better since then, after pumping out 167 comic strips and 29 one-off panels for miscellaneous posts. Scott Adams is up to 9000 or so Dilbert strips, so we might not be able to catch him. It’s not a contest, though. Thank goodness.

Contest Results
Naming a baby cartoon potato proved to be a challenge the internet wasn’t ready to meet. That is okay. We don’t know what the gestation period for a cartoon potato is but we have non-potato storylines that will take us through the end of June. We’ll keep at it. Triggly is a possibility. If you have suggestions, chime in!

This guy, on the other hand–:

Abyssal_Horror_smaller_sketch–is now named “Tim.” So, McChuck, shoot an email to quizzerw at gmail dot com and we’ll arrange your prize. Congratulations!

We’ll probably never see Tim again. Complicated character models are not compatible with free comic strips. It takes too much time to draw [Codex – .Yeah. That’s what we said about the Supreme Dark Lord of Evil’s Louis Quatorze skull-bedizened furniture. Heh.)  Still, we can never say never. For example, Tim has a perfect pose for chewing on Scalzi’s head. Just add rabbit.

Plans for the Next Year
After winning the Olympics, we are hoping to continue to produce comics on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Quizzer will continue to write posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the occasional miscellaneous Saturday Sketch and book review.

We are also hoping to revamp the website, which is in desperate need.

Most importantly, we are hoping to put out the first volume of a Tempest in a Teardrop book. Yes, of course Quizzer will review it.

Cameo Appearances
Some of our readers know the saga behind Ilk Nate’s appearance. In essence, Quizzer was contacted and we had need for an additional comic. It was pretty much a serendipitous thing. Nate is hardly the first cameo we’ve done. For example, both Jagi Lampwright Lamplighter and Milo Yiannopoulos have appeared multiple times, although never identified by name. We’ll be fixing this in the coming months.

We will of course continue to pick on mention famous politicians and internet personalities.

Readers are clamoring to know: Will @Spacebunnyday get a cameo? Our answer: Yes, but her existence is in doubt, therefore she may be a figment of our readers’ imaginations.

Our official policy on cameos is that we can be bribed, but story comes first. Feel free to contact us for details!

Miscellaneous Questions
Q: Tempest in a Teardrop is weird. Can it get any weirder?
A: That depends on how many more drugs our state legalizes.

Q: What does Ilk Matthew’s voice sound like?
A: Slithe, from the original Thundercats. Ilk Nate’s voice might be Panthro. We won’t know until he has more appearances.

Q: What kind of philistine drinks Old Raven blended bourbon?
A: The target market is the “fearless, desperate” drinker who isn’t afraid to sample industrial-strength machine debrider.

Q: What are your favorite strips?


A – Codex: Whichever comic I just got done drawing. Because it’s done. Yay! Seriously, I like the ones’ where it’s funny and the art is really clean. Oh, and there’s secret stuff in it. So that would be the April Fools comic.

A – Quizzer: A comic which is scripted and usually a couple of weeks from appearing. This is like asking Which one is your favorite child?


Q: Will Amanda ever have a body or will we continue to be teased with some eyes and wacky hair?
A: Not sure. She is in the same category as the Torlings and Vox. We know what they all look like, but aren’t ready to reveal the mystery yet. Clues have been left, and we’ll continue to drop hints…

Q: How can we as readers support Tempest in a Teardrop?
A: Assuming you can’t donate a million dollars? Easy! Just “like” our posts and link to us on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Leave a comment! Our comment section is an extension of the humor. You can also follow us on your RSS reader or WordPress account. RSS almost always sees our work for a couple of hours before other social media, and very occasionally gets to see our accidental releases!

Q: How can we contact or follow you?
A: Official email can be sent to quizzerw at gmail dot com. You can follow us on Twitter @QuizzerW and @OverGrownHobbit. We are at “Quizzer W” on Google+ and quizzerw at tumblr. I suspect we’ll cave and hop on Facebook in the not too distant future. Please, replacements, get here faster!

Remember to make up words and put them in the comments. That way, we can steal them and put them into our comics. Thanks for reading!