6 thoughts on “The Other Intern

    1. We very, very carefully and with great forethought planned it all out after doing our “Dewberry Award” series. The first of which is here: https://tempestinateardrop.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/make-your-own-award/ and I think it was either two or three comics.

      See, we always intended for the meta-location to be called “The Dewberry Woods”. As far as the “why”, well, maybe someone can tell us, and we’ll go with that 😉

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    2. Stealing Quizzer’s account to remind you that the search you need to do when faced with obscure terms is in the O.E.D.

      Profanity weakens the mind and cheapens the soul. We here at TiaT are committed to bringing our readers a better — or at least more recondite—brand of insults.




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