8 thoughts on “Shifting Refugee

    1. I counted at least four. Which two did you see? I might have missed an additional one or two. I’m not going to lie: “Five+ Hidden References You Won’t Believe!!!” is much better clickbait than “Four References You Might Not Get”.


      1. Without peaking at the other answers:

        The Wardrobe. – C.S. Lewis novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (arguably his best known work)
        Bigger on the inside – common remark about the TARDIS.

        One I just notice – Q. ST:TNG character.

        I am not seeing the forth one. But it could be a fandom I don’t follow. 😉


    1. No, you are. I still insist this construct is a grammatical error. Codex, defense?

      [Note: “*Who* scored 800 on the Language portion of the SAT and *who* scored 530?” is NOT a valid defense because numbers make me feel bad.]



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