Celebratory greetings. You may or may not have noticed: we have our own web domain! You can find us at https://tempestinateardrop.com. That saves 10 extra letters when typing in our web address. That’s a productivity gain of 25%!

We suggest spending that time wisely: Check out the new Archive (still being worked on) and read our comics they way we always meant for them to be read: on your device displays. No more back scrolling to find old story arcs. Now simple clicking is all you need. We’ve even removed the alt text we put over each comic (it now appears as a caption in the archive), and included a link back to the original post where it first appeared. You can also search the archive in a number of ways.

You can still hover your mouse over the current comics to read the alt text. If you haven’t been reading it, you’ve been missing out on extra humor.

We’ve consolidated our extensive product reviews in the brand-new Re-Views menu option. It’s nothing fancy. We hope to include pics you can click on. But later. We’re exhausted.

New viewers will get answers on the New? Start Here! page. We shouldn’t need to elaborate further. If they can’t click a menu option, they are probably a recent college graduate, and terrified of things like chalk, balloons, whistles, and humor.

Naturally, something broke with the domain name switch: Our RSS feed. I now know far more about CSS and WordPress templates than any mortal man should. These are all the things I tried in the process of “fixing” it. Chicken entrails, filling my swear jar with quarters, prayer, pleading, and finally contacting a WordPress Happiness Engineer. Yes, customer support people are called Happiness Engineers.

Do you know how hard it is to resist making fun of that?

I also tried some custom RSS lines in our WordPress template. That makes me sound much more smart and way less helpless than I probably am. This morning, our comic got blasted out correctly on both the old and the new feed. We’ll see if it does the same thing with this post.

I wrote email back to my Happiness Engineer and assured them that I was no longer skeptical at their ability to make me Happy. So really, technology worked in our favor for once.

Just in case it breaks, you might want to redirect your feeds to our new official feed address: https://tempestinateardrop.com/feed/

If you poke through the new options, you’ll notice a lot of “under construction” comments and probably some To Do’s. We’re still working on stuff. We’ll have a big party when it’s finally finished and you’ll all be invited.

One area we still need to create is “Memes.” They seem popular, everybody likes them. Except Hillary. And some die-hard conservatives who believe the way to preserve the constitution is to let Hillary sell it to the highest bidder.

Potatoes_need_FeminismThis one isn’t quite finished. It’d be nice if people knew who made it and where they can find more. Right, Codex? [Right! Fixed!]

So that’s about it, except for one sneak preview smuggled from the other side of the office. Wonder what that could be about? [Check out the website and find out! – Codex]