The Facebook Cave

We finally caved and now have a Facebook page.

We didn't even get paperbags

We were tired of being told in email that we have more friends there than we think. We’ll find out if that is true. We’re also tired of hearing about how all the cool kids get banned, and want in on the action.

You can join us in our madness by “friending” us. We’ll (and by that we mean Quizzer) will be “friending” people too, especially if they leave interesting comments. Is it empowering to Like, Love, and Wow comments, in a way you just can’t do on Twitter? Quizzer is going to find out.


For other social media options, check out our Follow Us page.

8 thoughts on “The Facebook Cave

    1. I’m still very, very, lost with it. Perhaps I’ve dropped a few IQ points since we started using it a couple days ago. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s WordPress’s fault. I’ll fill out a Happiness Engineer ticket and see if that helps…

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  1. Although the Supreme Dark Evil Lord of Evil’s diktats are usually to be followed, I’m not with Him on this one – there are plenty of conservative, sensible groups on FB and I’m happy in them.


    1. I consider using FB to be karma swinging back around and smacking me like a Chuck Tingle novel would. Hopefully, it’ll get better as I learn more about it. Codex is taking classes for work, so she can learn me πŸ˜‰



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