I signed up at a Twitter alternative that seems to be gaining traction called gab.ai yesterday. They started beta two weeks ago. A number of prominent social media users have gab accounts, including Milo Yiannopoulos (@m), Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet), Lauren Southern (@LaurenSouthern) and Spacebunny Day (@Spacebunny). I’m sure there are more, and if you have recommendations of who I should follow (including you!), you can leave a comment or Tweet me (@QuizzerW) or Gab me (@Quizzer).

Gab is not quite there yet. You can’t store graphics, so memes are a problem. Likewise video. They have nothing like Periscope. Gabs can be up to 300 characters, and links work just fine. My first Gab was today’s comic, and although I like the way it looks better on Twitter it still works okay. Frankly, you have to click through to see them either way.

Right now, Gab seems to be a back-up for Twitter, but it does have potential. It deserves a look, even if you don’t fully switch over. Keep in mind that Twitter is now putting people into “neighborhoods”. Anyone that doesn’t agree with the Twitter Safety Council is going to be in the ghetto. You can prove this yourself. Check out a hashtag with your regular Twitter account. Now sign out and open a private browser session without cookies and go to the hashtag again. You’ll see what people not in the ghetto see.

It’s only going to get worse (*cough* YouTube demonetization scheme *cough*). Alternatives are coming and something is going to replace them. We’ll check out the ones that seem viable as they become available, and cut the cord to Twitter/Facebook/Youtube in a heartbeat if we possibly can.

— Quizzer