Social Justice Warriors are celebrating today because they finally managed to squeeze a good idea out of the collective. They want to separate themselves into SJW-only student housing at the University of North Dakota. Finally, Cultural Marxist koolaid drinkers will be able to live exclusively with those who share their religion. It is a trend that will quickly catch on across the country.

The original article appeared at CampusReform a few days ago.

Social Justice, whose central tenet is “You will think like us. Or else,” has had a tough year: It collided with a bunch of peasants on the internet. Unlike college administrators, judges, pundits, police chiefs, reporters, government functionaries, Conservatives, Republicans, and oligarchs, the peasantry wasn’t too keen on the whole concept. SJW tried-and-true Alinsky tactics haven’t worked on them.

Now, the crybullies are in retreat. They need to regroup and try to figure out the best way to move forward, and isolation will help them with this task. Segregating themselves on campus is a good start, but with the current state of the economy they can do so much better.

Abandoned factories, hospitals, funeral homes, churches, jails, and asylums dot the land. Professional ghost hunters and urban explorers have free reign in these civic ruins, but imagine what would happen if a group of socially just college students could work out the concepts they demand everyone else live by while transforming urban blight into a new mini-utopia?

The first step would be a breakdown of the work required. Teams could be formed to cover painting, trash removal, asbestos scrubbing, and scolding duties. Painters would hide problematic wall decor and mystery molds that grow upon them. Trash removal folks would have to deal with the cumulative garbage of previous generations. Tuesdays will be busiest, because that’s garbage night. Asbestos scrubbers will need additional training. They need to sand with the grain, and try not get that stuff in their eyes. The scolders will encourage the other workers by calling out their microaggressions, microassaults, and microinsults.

Yes, there is a difference.

The wise Social Justice collective will rotate these jobs among the adherents. They call that “cross training” in the corporate world. In the new utopia it will build empathy between fellow travelers, eliminate excessive privilege inside the hive, and give everybody a chance to scrub asbestos.

I served many years on the cubicle farm. When we were developing a product we were forced to use it, so we could see the flaws, improve the usefulness, and lose countless hours of productivity fighting over ideas that had no chance of working. We called it “eating your own dog food.” It is time that SJWs ate dog food. That way, they can perfect their philosophy in a safe environment away from criticism, which they now receive, well, everywhere.

The issue of money is bound to come up early in the implementation phase. Paint isn’t free. Neither is garbage service or toxic waste treatment. Fortunately, this is easily solved. Every television station will want cameras covering the complex so they don’t miss the sweaty, triumphant spectacle as it unfolds. Charge them. They won’t have a problem meeting even the most outlandish of prices. After all, they already propagandize SJW dogma. Most of them are owned by oligarchs who want their money to have an impact. This is win-win-win for all of society: SJWs, Oligarchs, and Peasants.

If they don’t take this opportunity, SJWs risk running afoul of the Paradox of Socialism: Just before Socialism works, it runs out of other people’s money. Every time. Isolation will give their funky ideology a fighting chance. Advocates will be able to point out success story after success story as each dilapidated building is brought back to life.

There is one additional angle that I feel should be promoted, because it is an important one. College professors, especially Social Justice advocates, should live in these collectives with their students. It is a rare opportunity for teaching outside the classroom, and will provide ivory-tower eggheads with some first-hand field experience that can generate a chain of career-extending pseudo-scientific papers.

Wise professors will set up psychological experiments on the students so their theology meets some real-world challenges. Nothing is more embarrassing when reordering society to fit unproven arbitrary whims, than having some midwit destroy it with the simple phase “it’s all well and good in the laboratory, but out here it has no application.”

These sorts of psychological experiments are perfectly harmless as long as they are performed by qualified, progressive, professionals. Did I mention the scientific papers will appear only in peer-reviewed journals? No harm comes from science that is fully peer-reviewed.

Social Justice Segregation is a great idea made even better because it sprang from the most fragile minds in our society: the SJWs. Everyone sick to death of being told what they are allowed to think should be encouraging them 100%. I know I do.


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