Doing the Trumpslide

One of us was up until 4:00am practicing his new, suddenly en vogue Trumpslide dance moves on the hardwoods. The other one of us was Codex.

I’m calling in err, sick, for today’s post, but it isn’t entirely without entertainment value. For example, we have this cryptic advertisement:


We’ve also corrected a grave oversight in Mondays comic:


We hope this satisfies our readership, who rightly criticized our effort. Sadly, technology hates us. We blame Karl Rove, who, in a very close race, took the title of King Cuckservative during last nights election coverage.

Paul Ryan delivered Wisconsin to Donald Trump.


Finally, we’d like to offer our humble services as official presidential cartoonists to God-Emperor Trump. We realize you’d be far better off with Scott Adams or Ben Garrison, but you have to admit a spork-n-mushroom comic-ing team would do great things for the “diversity statistics” of the West Wing, assuming you care about what the mainstream media says.

We sincerely pray you don’t.


The Spork Speaks — Tempest in a Teardrop —

5 thoughts on “Doing the Trumpslide

  1. All hail the god-emoeror Trump! Long may he reign!

    The reconned MAGA hats are adorable!

    The table is red. The table is red.
    The door is open. The door is open.
    Wounds my heart with monotonous languor. Wounds my heart with monotonous languor.
    My pants are full of eels. My pants are full of eels.

    That is all.


    1. Codex retconned the original post. We added the MAGA hats to Matthew, who should have rightfully had them on all along. Thanks to Nate for pointing out our oversight.


      1. Somebody was hitting the Old Raven last night celebrating and forgot he asked me to give Matthew his MAGA attire before sitting down to write his post.

        Whether or not I was also consuming or for what reason….



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