Tempest in a Teardrop has been our labor of love for nearly three years. We started with lunchbox comics that could entertain a fifth-grade student.

Quizzer: “That’s perfect for the internet!”

We quickly discovered how many mistakes we had made. Then we discovered even more as time went by.

Project Schnapsidee Note 1:  Do a full and proper character design integrating scale and multiple angles.

Note 2: Add small details to flesh out and distinguish each character, then find a way to eliminate them.

Codex: “If you can’t eliminate the details without destroying the vision of the writer, or whatever, simply don’t tell them until the publishing deadline.”

Now that the current comic has wrapped, we’re ready for a short hiatus. That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped making comic strips, however. We are currently working on something new, different, and controversial. We expect to get excommunicated by no less than three social clubs at their regular Sunday morning meetings.

Tempest in a Teardrop is Proud to Present

The Churchians

Comic begins June 1, 2018.

Over the next weeks and months we’ll be revisiting old Tempest in a Teardrop strips. How many secret details did our readers miss? Tons! We have an entire archive of “lost comics” that were never published for one reason or another. We’ll reveal some of them. Did you ever wonder how Codex felt about drawing Scalzi? You’ll find out.

Of course, we’ll mainly be showing new art/characters/developments as The Churchians ramps up.

We know you have a plethora of choices when it comes to entertaining yourself on the internet.

  1. Eating Tide Pods
  2. Reading Tempest in a Teardrop: The Churchians

We are mindfully trying to make that choice extremely difficult for you.

–> Codex & Q