7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Heaven…

    1. Our society is in the process of normalizing pedophilia. Given how fast the dominoes have fallen… well, we hate to think about it.

      We also left the “Help Wanted” sign off the factory due to, well, my stupidity. Sigh.

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      1. “Normalizing” homosexuality was just step one in the master plan. Once they got people to speak lies to themselves and habitually call a tail a leg, there is no end to what the adversary’s little helpers can get away with. As long as we remain polite and let them choose the field of battle and set our choice of weapons, we will continue to lose.

        That’s why things like your comic are important. You show SJWs to be the carnivorous daisies they truly are, and show a bear with a flame thrower burning them down. It takes a dose of unreality to show how reality has been warped in the minds of untold millions.

        Please keep up the good work as best you can. They also serve, who only write and paint.

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