21 ef monsters smallerWe should have had another comic for you today. It’s been scripted for a while. It’s absolutely vital for the story. It’s the linchpin comic that merges our original Tempest in a Teardrop story universe with our Churchian universe.

Somehow, it failed to get drawn. Let’s check with Codex for exactly what happened.

Codex: “Uhhhh, the TSA felt me up, twice, because the government was closed and I forgot my hijab.”

Quizzer: “Yeah, we alluded to that last week. We can’t use it as an excuse a second time…”

Codex: “Oh, right. Well, the experience was so traumatic that I had to get therapy. That involved a trip into Seattle.”

Quizzer: “Certainly harrowing, but hardly a good–”

Codex: “I’m not finished yet! After the session, I was accosted by a mob of antifa. They thought I was the type of mushroom that would make their hallucinogenic dreams a reality. For an hour or so anyway.”

Quizzer: “Do you mean–!”

Codex: “Yes. None of them would believe me until each one had a proper lick.”

Quizzer: “Ew. Double ew. Did you give consent?”

Codex: “Of course not! But as you know, the rules are made for us, not for them.”

Quizzer: “Oh, I’m sooooo sorry. Are you okay?”

Codex: “Yes. But as you can imagine, I’ve required even more therapy, and thus failed to illustrate the crucial comic we should have produced today. Instead, I have an extra frame to go with the comic we published on Monday.”

Quizzer: “Oh, that one. Yes, it made quite a splash.”

Codex: “Yes. Yes it did. Meanwhile, I’m just grateful I wasn’t accosted by one of the roaming gangs of vegetarians Seattle is famous for. If I’d run into them… well…”

Quizzer: “Great Merciful Francis! You are absolutely right! Hopefully, our readership will forgive us once again for slipping our comic schedule. At least we have a good excuse this time!”

Codex: “Yes! Monday is perfect! It will give me enough time to finish binge-watching The Great British Baking Show which my therapist assures me is indispensable to my recovery!”

Meanwhile folks, enjoy this Extra Frame. Regular schedule resumes Monday, for sure!